How to Resolve your Debt …. in 6 Steps

Resolve your debt in 6 easy steps

Wellington Capital Partners is dedicated to helping consumers resolve their debt. There are steps that you can take TODAY to get on the road to financial freedom. We are here to provide support and assistance while helping you to resolve your debt.

  1. If you have money then go ahead and pay it off! 
    • Organize your savings. You might have money set aside that can help you to pay off your debt. 
    • Reach out for help. Sometimes family and friends can help you through financially difficult times. Don’t underestimate the power of asking for help.
  2. Try to pay off a portion of your debt: Negotiate with the collector or representative!
    • Be clear about what you can pay and communicate with our representatives at Welington Capital Partners
    • A settlement can be made and you can resolve your debt in ONE STEP!
  3. If you can’t pay a portion of your debt, try a monthly payment plan option.
    • Negotiate a payment plan that can work in your budget
    • Be realistic about a payment plan so you can work to pay off your debt…the more you can pay, the faster your debt will be paid off
  4. Keep up on your payment plan. This is important! Once you have a payment plan in place, make a payment every month on the due date. Soon enough you will begin to see your debt melt away!
    • Use a calendar or a budget tracker to remember your payments
    • Just like cable and rent, treat this payment as a top priority
  5. Now that you are making progress, start to snowball your debt!
  6. Stay Organized!
    • Stay ahead of all of your bills and pay on time
    • Be proactive- pay more on debt once you begin to make momentum

Soon enough you will be debt free! Wellington Capital Partners is here to help you resolve your debt. Please call a representative today so we can start the process.


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