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Thanks for checking out Welling Capital Partners. Read through our testimonials to get a better idea on how Wellington Capital Partners can help you. Wellington Capital Partners continues to improve customer service. Firstly, read the testimonials below, you’ll see what our customers have to say about their experience. Secondly, if you have any more questions, learn more about us on our About Us page.

“I spoke to Mike P. multiple times. Everytime he made things easy and stress free.”

-Natasha J., California

“Chris was one of the best representatives I have ever dealt with. Very easy going and worked with me the whole time and was very flexible.”

-Danielle R., Missouri

“Gracias por ayudarme que dios te cuide.”

-Maria M., Iowa

“Michelle was very professional. Wellington Capital Partners handles their business matters great!”

-Lena J., Ohio

“Spoke with Mike a few months back, made my final payment two weeks ago, and just got my paid letter.”

-Divia K., Texas

“Bien amable gracias por ayudandome con mi cuenta.”

-Zavala R., California

“Ann was very helpful and pleasant to deal with.”

-Elsy L., California

“The staff at Wellington Capital Partners were all very helpful and understanding.”

-Leighann B., Kansas