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Wellness at Wellington

Wellington Capital Partners believes that in order to be the most productive and successful in the workplace you must prioritize self-care. We know hard work and dedication are important but we also know that taking care of yourself should be a top priority. Lack of self-care can affect the quality of your life. From our

Resolve your debt in 6 easy steps

Wellington Capital Partners is dedicated to helping consumers resolve their debt. There are steps that you can take TODAY to get on the road to financial freedom. We are here to provide support and assistance while helping you to resolve your debt. If you have money then go ahead and pay it off!  Organize your

Checking loan details on computer. Wellington Capital Partners

A common scenario about how debt collection works: Sam is in need of money so he reaches out to a lending company or credit card company. Sam signs a contract and now becomes a customer of that company in order to receive the funds. Since Sam has signed this contract and received the funds, he