How to Get Through Winter on a Budget


Winter is probably the most exciting and boring season at the same time. With Christmas and long cold nights approaching, you will find yourself wondering how you’re going to make it through without spending tons of money. According to the study of seasonal expenses,[1] people spend an average of $2,314 on winter activities, Christmas presents, and heating. Let’s go over what it takes to get through winter on a budget.

By creating a spending plan, you can enjoy this magical season and get through winter on a budget.

Creating a winter budget

First of all, limit yourself. Write down the exact amount of money that you want to spend. But do it realistically. Winter shouldn’t leave you broke. Look at how much you make and what are your monthly expenses.

Then make an expenses list. Make adjustments in your habits and cut anything that’s too expensive item.

Plan it and don’t spend all money at once.

During the process, keep in mind that you want to survive the winter on a budget. So check every day if you’re following the plan.

In your budget expense list, don’t forget to include:


Make a list of people that you want to give a present to. Also, note down the approximate price for each present. They don’t have to be expensive. It’s the thought that counts. Usually, the person just wants to know what you think of them. You can take advantage of DIY presents and youtube how-to videos. They are a great tool to help you get through winter on a budget.

Winter activities

In most countries, the typical winter activities have become traditions without which the winter doesn’t winter. But winter activities offer many options, some of them are for free, and they help you keep your expenses within your winter budget. If you get snow, you are the lucky one. You can have fun with it for free.

  • Build a snowman
  • Go sledding
  • Win a snow fight with your friends
  • Build an Igloo

If you want to go skiing, try to look for cheaper resorts and keep an eye for sales. Group sales or family sales are always convenient. Also, don’t buy new gear. Instead, try to lend it from your friend or go to skiing gear rental.

Maybe you enjoy staying at home with a cup of tea in your hands rather than freezing off your nose outside. That’s great! It’s easier to get through winter on a budget this way. And there are many fun activities that you can do.

  • declutter your home
  • read a book
  • watch a movie marathon
  • play a card game

Winter clothes budget

You don’t need to follow the latest trends to be fashionable. Thrift shopping gains popularity every year and is a great way how you can survive the winter on a budget. Not to mention that you will help the environment.


A big part of winter expenses is obviously heating. It’s probably the first thing that came to your mind how you can save money. You can’t really change the price for the heat, but there are some practical things that you can do to lower your heating bill.

Turn the thermostat down and put on an extra layer of clothes. Another way of letting heat into your house is by baking something. But always keep the windows and doors shut to make sure the room heats up quickly.

Note these expenses when creating a winter budget. Then change some habits that can help you get through winter on a budget.

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[1]   Study of seasonal expenses


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