In the Community: A People-First Company

In the Community

Wellington Capital Partners works towards helping build and shape an equitable community for everyone. Our company serves the community in a variety of ways and remains community centered in our efforts and service. As a small business, we think of ourselves as a people first company. Our employees and their families as well as families in the community matter to us. We live and work in our neighborhood and we care about our impact. This is one reason that our mission of giving remains a central focus at Wellington Capital Partners. 

A Day of Giving

A Day of Giving at Wellington Capital Partners. Learn more about what we are doing for our community in Hamburg, NY. Read our blog post.

Continuing the Tradition of Giving 

Wellington Capital Partners seeks out organizations and various charities that serve the community. Currently, we are focused on organizations that care for children with special needs as well as events to honor first responders. At heart, we feel compassionate about giving towards organizations and events that make a difference in the lives of children and families. If we can help, we do. Each month in our office, our outstanding representatives work tirelessly to meet goals and provide excellent service. One way we recognize hard work is to have our top service representatives choose a local organization for Wellington Capital Partners to donate to. Our representatives are so excited to choose a charity or organization because at the heart of it, we care about people and everyone around us. 

A Bright Future for our Community

We encourage other businesses to seek out organizations and to partner with Wellington Capital Partners. Together we can make a difference and impact our community in positive ways. Keep a look out for upcoming events and news. We will help keep you connected to how we are serving the community, local children, and families.

Do you have an organization or event that serves the community? We would love to hear from you, contact us at Together, we can make a difference.