Enjoying Summer On A Budget

Enjoying Summer On A Budget

Summer is the time of year that brings warm and beautiful weather to enjoy and indulge in different activities. But what if you are on a budget? Can you still enjoy summer on a budget?

The answer is a big fat YES!

All you have to do is be a little careful and plan your activities wisely. To make your life easier, we have made a list of summer activities you can enjoy on a budget. Not to forget, many of these are also kids friendly.

So, let’s begin our summer on a budget activities guide.

Get Involved In DIY Projects

DIY projects can be easily found online and help you have fun and learn simultaneously.

You can transform your kitchen or living room wall using your creativity and brilliant ideas or build something new for the areas. You can wake up your inner artist and enjoy painting and splashing colors with your young one. There is an endless list of DIY projects you can experiment with during this summer season.

Arrange A Bar-be-Que Night

Plan and organize a barbecue night with your friends and family who also want to spend some fun time during the summer break. Everyone can bring in a variety of food to be grilled along with drinks and sweet dishes to make it a budget-friendly event. It is one of the best low-cost summer activities.


Summer is the best time to improve the condition of your garden and if you don’t have a garden, grow one this summer season. Gardening is both entertaining and a healthy activity to indulge in as it will transform your outdoor space into a beautiful place to relax after a hectic day at work.

You can grow your favorite flowers, fruits, and vegetables, which will also allow you to enjoy yummy homemade produce. If you have limited space, you can always opt for an herb garden or beautiful indoor plants.

Pack Your Picnic Baskets

Summers are imperfect without a well-spent day on the beach. The best part is that going to a beach picnic is super inexpensive. All you need is a full gas tank, some snacks, yummy homemade sandwiches, and fresh juices to fight the heat of the day. You can dive into the beach water and play volleyball for extra fun, and it will be the best summer fun on a budget.

Bicycle Race

Take out your bicycles and get ready for a race up to the hills, either alone or with your best buddies. Where cycling will boost your energy levels, the activity is also a good way of exercising and creating a bond with your partner and, at times, kids. In fact, mark one day for a cycling race only as it is a good way of killing boredom and getting some fresh air.

Go For A Hike

The idea of going up for a hike sounds adventurous and thrilling. Besides, you don’t require any investment to go for a simple weekend hike. You can for a solo hiking trip or you can take your friends and family along with you. Whatever you choose, you will have an excellent thrilling time that won’t break the bank. It is one of the top cheap things to do in the summer.


Besides all the fun and thrill, it is also an excellent time to volunteer for a noble cause at a local community center. For example, you can get rid of the trash in the local park or help the elderly in the neighborhood. Search VolunteerMatch to start volunteering today!

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